Stress-Free Tile & Grout Cleaning Services for all of Clark County, NV

The simplest, easiest tile & grout cleaning services in Clark County

Our bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces, and laundry rooms all get a lot of use, meaning dirt and grime will inevitably build up quickly and have your tile floors looking dingy and discolored. Tile and grout cleaning is tricky, and when left in the wrong hands, it can lead to permanent damage to your floors.

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning has a specialized tile and grout cleaning team who are experts at restoring tile and grout to like-new appearance. We’ll walk you through our entire process before starting so that you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Ask about our one-time cleanings or our annual maintenance plans today! Preventative maintenance is always the best way to keep your floors looking beautiful at all times, and it can save you thousands in replacement costs down the line.

Pricing starts at 50 cents per square foot, and all tile, stone, and grout cleaning jobs are quoted on-site to ensure accurate assessment. We will honor our price quote within 30 days of issue. Xtreme Carpet Cleaning handles residential and commercial jobs of all kinds and sizes.

Get in touch today to schedule your free estimate or to learn more about our process and services!

Our Process:

for Ceramic, Terrazzo, Marble, Terra Cotta, Porcelain, Granite, and Travertine

  1. We perform a consultation to understand the scope of the work, customer expectations, and give you an in-depth review of our process. This initial consultation allows us to identify the best solutions and equipment for the job.
  2. Pre-treat the tile and grout with an alkaline cleaner to break down the soil and dirt.
  3. Tile and grout is scrubbed with rotary scrubbers and grout brushes to further break down soil and dirt.
  4. High-pressure tile and grout cleaning equipment, combined with our truck mount system, is used to remove all the water and dirt, leaving your floor looking bright and new again!

Tile & Grout Sealing

Sealant is applied to tile and grout flooring to help prevent stains, soiling, and general wear and tear. Having a high-quality sealant applied by a professional allows for easier cleanup and maintenance, and it keeps your floors looking beautiful and new for longer. We can help you choose the perfect sealant for your floors – whether you like something with a sheen or a more matte option – and expertly apply it.